Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Makes Me Want To Write.

These are the words that you stole from me, the day when you decided that stealing was cool and smoking doesn't cause cancer. You must have forgotten that cancer sucks, and you must have forgotten that I would get my words back. 

There's no such things as playing nice.
Egos get in the way, music is played too loud, fences keep the neighbors out.

I forgot to tell you that her eyes used to be candles, but candles melt. If you get the picture.

One time I got a postcard from Italy. I put it in a box. It's sitting under my bed. I have a hard time looking at something I love so much but have never met. 

Its July and I'm happy because it was 70 degrees today.
I'm not happy because now I don't know where to call home.
Airplanes aren't giving me answers lately. 

The tide always goes out and I want to be lost in blue.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love poem or end-of-love poem?

It's the quiet ones. 

It's the quiet touch.

It's the quiet smile.

It's the quite breath on her lips.

It's the quiet way that he over laps his toes when hes nervous.

It's quiet why she looks at the bruise on her leg.

It's the quiet way that he watches her look at the bruise on her leg.

It's the quiet was that sun leaves the room.

It's the quiet way that eyes meet.

It's the quiet way that time moves.

It's the quiet way that the smile is gone from that freckled face.

It's the quiet way that you get older.

It's the quiet way that he runs his fingers through his hair instead of on her back.

It's the quiet way that the dust rolls in.

It's a quiet way.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

3am poem.

I promise that I wont wear that dress that is torn if you promise that you will have never been born. 

I promise I wont love you If you promise me the same. 

How am I supposed to love you when the shape of your heart is something I cant describe?

I stumble over the things that I don't know.

I fold the letters of your name and toss them away like paper airplane that they should be. 

When you open them up, you don't even know what they mean. The letters fall through your fingers, they way I did. 

Your spectrum is out of control and mine is stuck on violet. 

I drink hot drinks when its cold. I drink a lot more when you're around. 

One of these days you will be there and I will be here and we will know what love means.

But for right now, I like you. 


Saturday, June 14, 2014

What its about.

I have developed several ways to love you. 
You have developed several ways to teach me about giants. 
The mixing of chemicals and I still can't figure out why you hate summer.
Free spirits, open to judgments. Me and you. 
We only think at night because that's when no one can see. 
All I want is to write a poem as beautiful as you.
Trying for the impossible. 


Friday, June 6, 2014

Star Shop and the Lovers.

I am going to buy you a star
You will buy me a star
We will both have stars
And we will fall in love


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Said The Moon

Don't worry. The dark won't be taking any prisoners tonight.

Bring on the hallucination, because we will be awake until we are kissed by the sun. 

I am done trying to find sleep.

Open the window because I want to go outside and the doors are locked.

It's me and silent feet and the sound of the ground beneath me waking up. 

Don't wake the sleepers.

Don't wake the midnight dreamers.

Don't wake the monsters under the bed.

"Being dumb is never cute."

But tonight you are a fool and I think you are beautiful.

I don't want to fall away. 

I don't want to fall away, but I can feel it starting to pull at my finger tips.

I can see it pulling at your shoulders. 

I can hear the voice of sleep calling. 

I will stay awake. 

You tell me that we can't waste a night like this.

And I have never heard anything so honest.

I ponder over your silhouette that dances across the asphalt. 

"I will make you lovely" said the moon. 

"I will make you lovely" said the moon.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hate Me.

I hung my happiness up for everyone to see. 
I hung my happiness up for YOU to see. 
I wanted you to see it.
I wanted you to hate it. 
I wanted you to feel like everything that you have ever done in this world that was the slightest bit cruel was pulling at the hairs on your arms. Annoying. 
I wanted you to hate me the way that you hate wearing socks. 
The way you hate him.
Hate her.
Hate yourself.
Hate the mirror.
Hate sleeping in.
Hate growing up.                                         
Hate tennis. 
Hate love.
Hate winter.
Hate us.
Hate coats.     
Hate birds.
Hate waiting.
Hate that song.
Hate flowers.
Hate dirtbags.
Hate vanilla. 
Hate hell.
Hate the city.
Hate me.
Hate me.
Hate me.
Hate me.
Hate me.
Please save yourself from the pain of dealing with my me-ness. 
Truth is, I have stopped dealing with your self destructive you-ness.  
You're a disease in my lungs and I am a tear in your heart. 
Together we are the worst mistake.